Door/Window Sensor FGK-106 - Truffle surprise (棕色)


Door/Window Sensor FGK-106 - Truffle surprise (棕色)

Product Overview:
The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor is a battery powered, Z-Wave compatible reed sensor. The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor detects the doors, windows, garage gates, roller blinds etc devices
opening, through detaching its two elements. Every time two elements of the Sensor detach, the Sensor sends a signal to the Z-Wave network main controller.
This may be used in scenes, but also in alarm and monitoring systems.
In addition, The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor may be connected to a DS18B20 temperature sensor, and has one additional input.

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Door/Window Sensor FGK-106 - Truffle surprise (棕色)
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Product Highlights:
• Controlled with Fibaro System devices or any Z-Wave controller,
• Radio signal is sent each time both parts of the Door / Window Sensor separate,
• Easily mounted on doors, windows, gates, blinds,
• Compatible with DS18B20 temperature sensors,
• May be connected to a switch, via IN input.

Technical Data:
• powered by single ER14250 battery,
• inputs - single, IN
• number of DS sensors supported - 1
• ambient temperature - 0 - 40oC
• radio frequency - 868,4 MHz EU; 908,4 MHz US; 921,4 MHz AU/NZ; 869,2 MHz RU,
• operating range - up to 30 m indoors; up to 50 m outdoors,
• dimensions (L x W x H): 76 x 17 x 19 mm